Your business is great but how do your customers connect with you?

Ben Gross

Written by Ben Gross | 

Date: 13th April 2018

7 Tips to help your brand stand out

Your business is great but does your brand tell this story. How do your customers engage with all your visual touchpoints? Do your customers feel like your brand will them to achieve their objectives?

Here are seven techniques you can use to help you improve your brands’ position.

1. Analyse your brand.

Ask key questions like what makes you unique What are your values, who are your target audience and why do they like you. If your company sells footballs to teenage boys but your logo is flowery and feminine, chances are you need to rebrand. See how we helped KORUBU match up with their brand values

2. Map your customer journey.

Make sure every touchpoint in your customer’s journey is documented and consistent with your brand. If your website is great but the emails you send out are off message and look awful you will lose a lot of customers

3. Show your true colours.

This is a simple one. Be authentic and love what you do. If you don’t have that passion your clients will see through and clever marketing. Make sure your agency shares the same passion as you. Here is an example of how we built up a strong brand

4. Empower your workforce: Why do they care about you?

Why do they care about you? If they care they’ll work harder and be a walking endorsement for your brand. The secret to this is aligning their needs with your strategy. Use technology to help facilitate a flow of information. Here is an example of how we create an app to build employee engagement.

5. Make your website a shop window.

Your company is growing and evolving constantly so your website needs to be supple and flexible enough to meet your communication needs. Like a great shop window, it should look great at first glance, tell a story about your brand, be easy to access and be updated with compelling visual messages. Here is a recent project we’ve done which shows how thinking about your website can make a big impact on your performance  www.poesiaglass.studio

6. Communicate regularly and well.

How do you stand out from the crowd and cut through the noise? Look at your messages; Make sure they’re focused, interesting and relevant. Ensure you pay attention to the new GDPR rules.

7. Test and refine.

It’s 2018, Everything can be tracked. Put measurements and targets in place right at the start. It might take a few goes to get your message exactly right but if you take a scientific approach you will reap the benefits. If your website isn’t converting test different messages and imagery. We have built a data studio report template which we’d be happy to share with you if you want to contact us

If you would like more tips and techniques we have created nine resources to guide you to improve your digital strategy.

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