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How AR can inspire your brand and connect your story with customers in an inspirational way.

Ben Gross

Written by Ben Gross | 

Date: 18th April 2018

What is Augmented Reality or AR and how can it be used to build your brand

AR is a tool to bring your brand to life through real-time interactive experiences. It could be as simple as providing an interactive map when someone reaches a geo location or it could be transporting your user to another world.

Some great examples are:

The Gruffalo Trail: An interactive trail
Pokemon Go:
Smartify: An app that allows you to get information about art

To make AR really effective you need to know your story and how AR can help bring it to life. Here are some areas we think it can have a big impact.

  1. A physical space that you want to add scale and drama to.
    Think large scale events and stadiums
  2. Creating richer mobile experiences.
    We’ve all used the filters on Facebook and Snapchat. How can that be developed from frivolous to engaging.
  3. When you want ‘flat’ information to come to life, think bus stops, movie posters, signs etc.
    In education, you can add dimension and rich visuals to text books
  4. You want to show how a product will look in context. Your users can now try on clothes, look at items in their home or see how a car will look on their drive.
    Give your brand an online home. You can build your own virtual store and choose where it lives
  5. A captive space. People spend a lot of time on planes, trains, buses and trams. These are perfect spaces for bringing in a brand experience
    Bringing to life adventures, be that a city, a walk or a park.
  6. Adding AR to the experience can make it come to life. Think the Gruffalo trail mentioned above.

The AR market will be worth $162bn by 2020. It’s a unique format which at the minute is uncluttered. So, you have the opportunity to stand out. By bringing your brand to a new market you can connect with your customers and build an intrinsic brand loyalty. To do this make sure that you have your proposition clearly defined so you can create something engaging and powerful.

If you’d like more information then download our presentation to Leeds University here:
Leeds Lecture on AR for your brand download

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