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How we created a brand for an new sport

Ben Gross

Written by Ben Gross | 

Date: 20th June 2018


As a rule, we don’t pitch. However, we had an unusual request to help an emerging sports brand position themselves on the world stage; A very tough ask in an already competitive international environment. We’re big sport fans and we were looking for an opportunity to work in the sector, we felt this was a perfect opportunity to showcase our creative thought process.  So,  for the first and the only time (probably) we went through the pitch process. Here is a breakdown of the project and the creative work we produced.

Brand elements

Background and vision:

The client, Teqball, are a new football-based sport played on a specially curved table. It was launched for the public in 2014 and has now arrived at a point where they need creativity to take it forward and establish the brand on the world stage. The ultimate aim is to make it an Olympic sport.

The objective:

We began by analysing the product and the mission. We worked out some key criteria we would need to hit to create a successful project.

Idea: Have a clear creative concept that runs through all the Teqball messaging that gets across the values of the sport

Position: Create a brand that positions Teqball as an exciting audience sport which stands out in a competitive market

Consistency: Build a set of assets that would give Teqball the framework to produce everything from an event in Monaco to a brochure in Bulgaria.

Values first: The first Teqball product is a table. However, the vision for the company is to be an Olympic sport so they needed a brand that would reflect their vision. Not just their product range.

So, after establishing what the wanted we used our process to hit their objectives. This involved using our tried and tested approach to work through the problems and come up with a creative solution.

Research phase:

To fully understand a project we need to discover everything. We believe to stand out we need to know what you stand for For this project we did:

  1. In-depth analysis to find U.S.P’s, competition, values, product features, history and goals for the project
  2. Created a list of keywords which would use to benchmark all of the creative against

Keywords that came from research:

Key words for Teqball

Creative concept:

Having an idea that underpins your creative is essential. Good design has to have a meaning to communicate a message. We had limited time so had to work fast. We came up with three statements we felt we could start to visualise.

  1. The table itself is curved
  2. The movement of the ball between rallies is curved
  3. The direction of sport is a curve away from tradition

We felt this ‘curve’ idea gives the design a framework on which to develop graphics. This played into the over-arching theme which was a tongue in cheek reference to when people believed the world was flat. ‘The World is curved’ We felt this line could guide our designs

Graphic elements:

After establishing a meaning we had some rules for our graphics. They would always have curves and feel dynamic. We also knew we needed flexibility so we wanted to design three complimentary graphic elements.

Colour scheme:

Colour is key to all our projects. It gets across the personality of your brand and helps to tell your story. We wanted our scheme to reflect a Samba football philosophy of Brazil. Full of vibrancy, passion and rhythm.

Creative colour scheme Creative colour scheme

A lock-up:

We needed a typographic visual that would be flexible enough to use for all the different events and launches. We chose a strong, sporty font and used different weights to give the mark contrast. This would be a stamp on all their assets.

Typographic lock up Typographic lock up Creative typographic lock up


Good use of type underpins all your visuals. To bring to life the graphics we chose a typeface to represent the Teqball values. It’s sporty, accurate and fun. We chose Atletico which is dynamic, precise simple to layout. Important if the client was going to use the typeface. To present the headers we split them over two lines to make it feel energetic.

Creative Typography example Creative Typography example Creative Typography example


We created an image guide which would feature dynamic pictures of sportsmen in action. We planned to cut out each player and cut them out so we would be able to bring strong colours into the layout.

Please note. These images are not licensed and are just for display purposes.

Photography guide

Bringing the project together:

The following slides show the concept and elements brought together. We’ve worked on a standard grid to keep consistency throughout each size. The idea is that at this stage the feeling of the brand comes across.

Brand elements Brand elements Creative Typography example


Making the assets come to life:

The test for all creative work is for it to be able to communicate a consistent message in a range of formats. The mockup below shows how the campaign could be executed while retaining their brand values.

Branded outdoor billboard
Branded flag Branded bus shelter branded tablet
Branded bag


The pitch didn’t win but we enjoyed the challenge. After reflecting we think the execution of the work could have been stronger given more time however we met our objectives at the start which were to create a bright, memorable brand that would help position Teqball an exciting new sprts brand.

The purpose of publishing this was to show our process and how a creative concept develops. If you’d like to discuss more please contact us or tweet us @Electr1cCircus. If you would like some tips on how to make your brand stand out visit our blog post here




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