Haigh Woodland Park

Bringing the adventure online

Creating a digital experience to match real life

Design, prototyping, UX, website build, responsiveness, CMS integration, measurement, agile sprints, AB testing


The premise of the Haigh Woodland Parks digital site was simple. It was to:


  • Raise awareness of the benefits of activity, increase engagement with HWP and all the activities included in the park
  • The site also had to show how a day at HWP could be fun, exciting and challenging, making the website look and feel like an outdoor adventure
  • Work in agile and aim to build components over a 2 year period


We focused our efforts on creating a fun digital user experience for families and people searching for days out. It needed to be inspirational and make people want to get active.

As a team, we built everything around the question; What would a park look like if it was online? The keywords we focussed on were trails, tracks, discovery, and adventure.

The big idea is to build a library of patterns, components and user interfaces that would inform our project for the agile development and constantly try to improve the user experience.


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