The Manufacturing Institute

How they created an excellence factory to reflect their brand experience

Positioning a world leading brand

Branding, creative concepts, prototyping, UX, website build, responsiveness, course booking, e-commerce system


The Manufacturing Institute needed to improve their brand position and UX for their site. They are a European leader in manufacturing courses with high profile clients such as Kellogs and Jaguar Landrover. They get customer satisfaction scores above 90% and companies benefit from an increase in ROI. To communicate this message they were looking for a modern, responsive digital site to across their values and proposition It needed to be easy to navigate and showcase the complex offering of their courses. With a public service remit, they also needed to advertise careers on the site, this needed bespoke functionality creating.


During our research, we found that The Manufacturing Institute’s unique selling point was making great engineers. They split their courses into three sections. Inspire, Educate and inform. All the delegates can flow through this whole process or enter a section depending on their knowledge levels. The end result is amazing engineers and business leaders who create an ROI through improved performance and increased efficiency.

To communicate this message we created The Excellence Factory. We visualised this by showing the key areas in a factory process flow blueprint.



A really important phase of our project is mapping out how a digital experience will come together. The video below shows an early wireframe detailing the plans for the website. This is an important feedback and testing phase.

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